Discover the wine estate and its wines

Wine estate Roonen Bergh

Discover the Heerlyckheyt Roonen Bergh wine estate and its wines

Heerlyckheyt Roonen Bergh is situated on the fringes of the Rodeberg. Its soil is a characteristic mix of iron sandstone and sulphur. This limestone retains heat which stimulates grape ripening. The sulphur is fertile, easily cultivated, moisture-retentive and has root penetrability. The slope, in turn, ensures good drainage, while the surrounding forest creates a perfect microclimate. This unique soil and special location provide the perfect terroir for planting a vineyard and winemaking. Classic French grape varieties are being used exclusively for the planting. Our choice fell on Chardonnay, Auxerrois, Pinot Blanc, Pinot Noir and Sauvignon Blanc. A total of 12,500 grapevines are going to be planted on the estate.

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About winemaker Simon Riquiere

The story of winemaker Simon Riquiere is clearly one where ‘the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree’. He caught the wine bug from his parents. They themselves are well acquainted with the Châteauneuf-du-Pape region.
As a student, Simon was intrigued by science. He studied chemistry in Ostend. The idea to start out as a budding vintner came to him in 2019. He then followed a 180-hour internship at Wijngoed Monteberg. He also took a winegrower/winemaker course at Syntra West. During this period, the idea of growing his own grapevines grew. An idea he turned into reality in 2020 with an initial planting of 3,600 vines.

As a couple, Simon Riquiere and Joke Lemenu are the initiators behind the webshop that promotes Heuvelland wines. As such, they work closely with their fellow winegrowers from the region.

Viticulture is my greatest passion, it is my full-time job and over time, I would like to produce 20,000 bottles of Roonen Bergh wine.

Simon Riquiere, Winemaker Roonen Bergh

The vines and the terroir

Heuvelland is a recognised wine region and is allowed to bare the BOB Heuvelland logo. BOB stands for ‘beschermde oorsprongsbenaming’, i.e., ‘protected designation of origin’. This means, among other things, that Heuvelland wines may only be produced from locally grown grapes. The unique terroir gives the Heuvelland wines its distinct character.

On the estate, you will only find French grape varieties, namely: Chardonnay, Auxerrois, Pinot Blanc, Pinot Noir, Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Meunier. In keeping with the rich terroir, Simon chose a Couderc 3309 rootstock and one SO4 variety. The climate determined the deliberate choice of these classic varieties.

Simon explains: “Some varieties need a certain amount of sunlight to be able to ripen. The southern climate is shifting in our direction. For this reason, I chose the quintessential Champagne varieties. In the Champagne region, it is too hot for Pinot Noir, while our climate is now ideal for growing this variety. Pinot Blanc (the white Pinot Noir), Pinot Meunier and Chardonnay also thrive really well here. Auxerrois is also from the pinot family, but this grape quickly loses its acidity when ripening. I let this process happen naturally to blend it in with Pinot Blanc afterwards, as it retains its acidity nicely.”“

“The Sauvignon Blanc was planted as a field trial. This is a variety that needs more sunlight. With this field trial, we are investigating whether Sauvignon Blanc can ripen well in Heuvelland. I work with very low yields with this grape. That’s how we get top quality wine.”

In total, we now have over 11,000 vines. Specifically:

  • 1,950 Auxerrois
  • 2,200 Pinot Blanc
  • 1,700 Pinot Meunier
  • 1,800 Pinot Noir
  • 650 Sauvignon Blanc
  • 3,100 Chardonnay

We are also active in other locations. For example, we are working together with Wijngoed Monteberg on expanding the Heuvelland vineyards. We do all the maintenance; we provide advice to investors, and we process the grapes for our clients.

Want to taste our wine? Order online and have it delivered to your door.

Our wines

Roonen Bergh Primum

The Roonen Bergh Primum is a still, white wine and the result of the first harvest of the Chardonnay, Auxerrois and Pinot Blanc grapevines planted on the fringes of the Rodeberg in 2020. The first bottling was limited to 700 bottles.

  • Name:Roonen Bergh Primum
  • Volume:2021
  • Assembly:Chardonnay, Auxerrois, Pinot Blanc
  • Vinification:manual harvest; full bunches gently pressed; vinified on inox and kept on fine lees for 6 months after fermentation; filtered
  • Colour:light yellow, clear
  • Nose:pure with aromas of citrus, orange zest, blossoms and stone fruit
  • Mouthfeel:crisp, fresh, mineral and fine acidity. Nice tension and freshness
  • The finish is perfectly balanced with the necessary fruit density and length
  • Gastronomy:aperitif, fresh salads, poultry, fish dishes
  • Serving temperature:7 – 10° C

What I like about this wine is that it is not hidden behind a wannabe burgundy or too much cask. I can taste a lovely freshness, neat, pure, linear, upfront. And above all, I find the lingering flavours of this wine remarkable. The future of this wine estate is assured.

Pieter Verheyde, leading sommelier & manager of Restaurant Terminus in Abele

The future will bring so much beauty

The successor of our popular Primum is set to arrive mid 2023. In addition, we will bring the first Heuvelland Sauvignon Blanc wine to the market then as well. The 2023 harvest will offer the first yield of Pinot Noir. It is still too early to say exactly when we will release these, but we can say that we will work with open fermentation in wooden barrels along with the necessary wood aging. In 2024, we plan to launch sparkling wines. We expect to release the first bottle of these in spring 2027.
Moreover, we are building up a stock of reserve wines from each harvest. We will incorporate these in our still and sparkling wines with a view to increasing their complexity.

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