Formerly holiday house and B&B “De Pleute”

Heerlyckheyt Roonen Bergh


A “demesne” is a property to which certain “demesnable” rights are attached. In this estate, the owner and his guests can fully enjoy the “demesnable rights”, such as hunting rights, leasehold rights, tolls, currency rights, fishing rights, etc. The “demesnes” were abolished in 1795 (end of the Ancien Regime). In the future, it will be possible to enjoy delicious wines, beautiful views, lazing around in the guesthouse, long walks through the hilling area, and so much more…

The result is a digestable mix of culture, business and entertainment in a beautiful environnement in which stress is not part of life. The location of the lodge in this hilly landscape speaks volumes (the municipality is called “Heuvelland” which means “hilly area”).

Roonen Bergh

“Roonen Bergh” is the actual name of the “Rodenberg”, a small hill you will find on the “Terraris”-atlas of 1777 (a cabinet map of the Australian Netherlands). “Rodeberg” comes from the former name “roanenberg”, name used because of the reddish ferrous sandstone, which is processed in the sand-loam soil as a result of the sandbanks, put down by the seas in a distant past.